MOC on Geographical Indications between NOIP and Japan's Food Industry Affairs Bureau (FIAB) signed

MOC on Geographical Indications between NOIP and Japan's Food Industry Affairs Bureau (FIAB) signed

On 2 June 2017, at NOIP’s Headquarters, Director General Dinh Huu Phi and Mr. Koji Inoue, Director General of the Japan's Food Industry Affairs Bureau (FIAB) signed the Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on Geographical Indications (GIs).

This is the second MOC in the field of intellectual property that NOIP has ever signed with Japan. Before that, NOIP signed a MOC with and has had a long history of cooperation relation with the Japan Patent Office (JPO). However, the areas of cooperation then did not include GIs as the GIs Act of Japan was not been promulgated until June 2015 when FIAB was assigned to assume the functions of exercising the state administration on GIs.

Under the signed MOC, both Offices will cooperate in 3 areas, i.e: (i) promotion of protection of GIs in both countries (through a project where several GIs products of each country to be selected for registration, provision of information on the examination results of GIs applications, establishment of an electronic database of protected GIs in each country); (ii) exchange of information on policies and legislation on GIs as well as the list of protected GIs in each country; (iii) enhancement of public awareness of GIs (through education and various public awareness programs on GIs, organization of joint exhibitions of GIs products).

It is obvious that the areas of cooperation under MOC are all based on the actual need and internal capacity of each Office. Through the MOC, both Offices will exchange knowledge, experience and examination results of GIs applications, so as to promote the protection and management of GIs, facilitate the exploitation of GIs products and contribute to the economic development of each country.

The working level of NOIP and FIAB will closely collaborate to soon map out and agree upon a plan to implement the signed MOC in the coming time.


The meeting between NOIP and FIAB


Director General Dinh Huu Phi and Director General of FIAB Mr. Koji Inoue signed the MOC on GIs

International Cooperation Division

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