Prime Minister approving the program of intellectual property development period 2016-2020





The intellectual property development period 2016-2020 was approved by the Prime Minister under Decision No. 1062 / QD-TTg dated 06/14/2016.

One of the objectives of the training program is to provide professional services for intellectual property around 1000 individuals, focuses on research institutes, universities and businesses. The program also aims to raise the awareness of organizations and individuals on intellectual property in the international economic integration of Vietnam; support exploitation and application in practice for at least 50 patent / utility solutions in Vietnam; support the protection, management and development of intellectual property rights for at least 70 products of local characteristics, products bearing famous villages; assist at least 100 businesses and organizations in science and technology to build and deploy management model and develop intellectual property; support registration of protection of intellectual property rights at home and abroad for national products by the Prime Minister for approval.

To achieve the above objectives, the program will support the design and construction of search engines, information packages specialized intellectual property and support organizations and individuals to access, information extraction facility intellectual property; support the development and implementation of management models and developing intellectual property in enterprises and institutions of science and technology: Organization specialized sections on intellectual property; build and deploy process detection, statistics, evaluation, intellectual property management.

The program also supports the protection registration, management and protection of intellectual property. Accordingly, registration of domestic and international protection for products, services, priority objects are the result of scientific research, flagship product, national product, product designs and varieties new plant; management and development of intellectual property for the product characteristics of local landmarks bearing the protected geographical indications, certification marks, collective marks; implementing measures to protect and improve the efficiency of enforcement activities of intellectual property rights.

At the same time, the program will introduce, promote and implement trade promotion activities other for intellectual property in Vietnam and abroad; support exploitation and enhance the value and competitiveness of products and services are protected intellectual property rights; support the establishment and operation of enterprises and organizations exploit and commercialize the intellectual property ...

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