Workshop on Industrial Design Infringement Determination - Practices in Japan and Vietnam


On 12 January 2017, Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) jointly organized the Workshop on “Industrial design infringement determination - practices in Japan and Vietnam” for the purpose of exchanging theoretical and practical experiences of determining the principles, methods and techniques for evaluating the scope of protection, the similarity and the infringement ability between two industrial designs in Japan and Vietnam. Representatives of a number of science - technology institutions, lawyers and experts in the field of industrial design from Japan and Vietnam attended the workshop.
      Mr. Atsushi Iwakiri, Mr. Tomoya Kurokawa, Mr. Masahiro Moriyama (Intellectual property  Lawyer of Panasonic Corporation, Soei Patent Company, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune Company) and Mr.Nguyen Huu Can (Deputy Director General, VIPRI) introduced in detail the criteria, the method of determining the basic features; examining, evaluating the technical conditions (prior art) that relevant to granted industrial design; determining the scope of protection of the industrial design; comparing, evaluating the similarity between the two industrial designs ... The practices in Japan (JIPO, Courts) and Vietnam (VIPRI) were clarified through case studies.

Panorama of the Workshop

Ending the seminar, Mr. Ta Quang Minh - Director General of VIPRI and Mr. Motoki Takada – Representative of  JETRO also expressed their desire of further strengthening the  research collaboration and organization of workshops, seminars in order to share experiences not only related to industrial design, but also extended to other subjects of IP right such as patents, trademarks ...
Representatives of JETRO and VIPRI at the Workshop




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