Intellectual Property Association of Japan visited Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute


On 1 December 2016, the Intellectual Property Association of Japan (JIPA) headed by Mr. Katsuhito Ishida, paid a working visit to the Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI). The members of the delegation were representatives from many major corporations in fields such as electronics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and chemicals ... and prominent law firms in Japan, in which many organizations had business activities in Vietnam.

JIPA Delegation was received by the VIPRI leadership

Mr. Ta Quang Minh, Director General and several headers of the divisions of VIPRI had announced the achievements that VIPRI gained since its establishment and a number of central strategies in the future. JIPA’s delegates paid their attention to matters that related to intellectual property research and training activities of VIPRI. They also raised many questions on industrial property consultancy and expertise activities. After exchanging the detailed and precise information to each other, the two sides would like to have further cooperation in the field of intellectual property.

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